Thursday, October 11, 2007

Contrary to popular belief....

I am NOT dead....just my blog is! Although I did spend about a week FEELING like I was dead...or wishing I was, from a brown recluse spider bite. Oddly enough, the bite was about 3 inches below the spider tattoo on my thigh but my husband swears there's no connection. The days I wasn't laid up feeling like a cement mixer ran over me I've been busy as a bee...or maybe an ant? Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Chimneyville Crafts Festival is coming up tooooo soon and I'm trying to get quilts and quilted, beaded purses finished to take with me. I'll get pictures of the purses posted soon. I went today and pitched my teaching and quilting skills to the owners of a new quilt shop opening up soon and I feel like it went well. As I told my friend last night, at the very worst I'll spend an hour or so with them ooohhhing and ahhhing over my work before they say thanks but no thanks. I got the ooohhhing and ahhhing but I also got a very positive response from them about the teaching. I'm mucho impressed with their organization and vison for what they want the shop to be also. About as far from the impersonal chock-full-o-crap Hancock's as you can imagine. And what a novel concept they have for the shop too....they're actually going to fill it with FABRIC! Real fabric! On bolts! And not a single one of their chairs or tables are going to have a price tag on them. There won't be an elephant sculpture in sight! Or a $29.95 Ming knock-off vase either! No inlaid wooden boxes or umbrella stands or plastic palm trees! It's like a fantasy dream come true! A fabric store with fabric! 3000 bolts of fabric! Batiks! Kaffe! Solids! Stripes! Prints! Well, you get the idea. I'm looking forward to it opening.

Pictures of the quilted purses with beaded medallions soon.


Tanya Brown said...

Bwahahahaha! Your description of the quilt store is excellent. Yes - just imagine having a STORE WHICH CLAIMS TO SELL FABRIC which ACTUALLY SELLS FABRIC!! It's to the point that going in Hancock's makes me feel like I've gotten lost. It's an utter shame; back in the old days, I had a Hancock's Fabric Warehouse within walking distance. It was chock full of fabrics no one else wanted, which suited me to a T.

I'm so sorry about the brown reclude bite. That's a nasty piece of business, and I'm glad you're on the mend.

Rissa said...

So where will the store be?

Sonji Hunt said...

Glad that you have recovered from the bite. Those things are awful.

Good for you approaching that new REAL fabric store. It's so hard for them to keep in business. Here in Milwaukee, there are only three and they are all struggling. Sometimes we as consumers have to pinch our pennies and shop at the big box, but we can also always buy some of our supplies at the individually owned places. I get Wonder Under and a lot of my threads at the local store. Every little bit helps.

Surely, you offered testimonials from your inspired students! You are a whirlwind my dear.