Sunday, February 25, 2007

It's getting there

In between doing a whole bunch of other stuff, I've been working on this one. My machine is being horsey (it KNOWS I'm going out of town and have a ton of stuff to hates not being the center of attention) so any sewing I've been doing is taking twice as long. Even doing those thick satin stitch edges I'm usually rocking along at rabbit speed, but not this time. My Janome baby starts making this weird clattering noise when I run it wide open but it works perfectly if I slow down. I do NOT want to have to up-grade my machine simply because I sew too fast. I like what I have and it's always done exactly what I wanted it to. No idea why it's protesting so loudly now.

Anyway, I haven't settled on the final layout for the doubloons and there are no strings of beads on it yet. I'll probably add some more doubloons too. But for now, this is what progress I've made on it. I'll be back by Wed so maybe I can get it finished this week some time. I still need to replace the final border on the garden one-block-wonder quilt and get both of those quilted. Binding on the Japanese wall hanging. Some bits and pieces of other stuff to do/finish to make sure I have enough to show at the arts in action thing in April.


Tanya Brown said...

Yikes! Sorry to hear about your Janome clattering. I wonder ... is something in your machine loose and vibrating around? That's the sort of thing that would cause the symptoms you're describing at low speed vs. top speed. Over time, just as in a car or any other mechanical device, screws and so forth can work loose. They can make a horrid racket, but are actually pretty straightforward to fix.

Another possibility is that there's something flopping around in there, in which case running the machine might actually cause damage. I don't know if you're a fix it yourself vs. take it into the shop sort of person, but if you're comfortable it might be good to pop it open and see if anything obvious catches your eye.

Either way I'd hope that being forced to upgrade your machine is a long way off.

Your Mardi Gras quilt is looking stupendous! Very colorful and you've captured the heart of all of those themes. I can't wait to see what you're going to do with doubloons and beads.

Earthworks River Farm Nursery said...

Hi, I've been really frustrated trying to find out how to sew the hollow cubes. Can you help??
thanks much, Kate