Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shamarr Allen

Finished! 35x29, commercial batiks, organza and rust-stained muslin. Photo printing (all photos and text used by permission) stenciled, stamped, pieced, appliqued, echo quilted and faced. Assorted ribbon and embellishments.


Leslie said...

Hey, Rhonda

How about a picture tutorial of the lettering technique you were talking about on QA. The burnishing one, that is...

Great Work here, BTW. Wowser!

quiltingNOLA said...

Congratulations. The quilt
is gorgeous. The poem on
the quilt was written by my daughter, Melissa Lewis on
first hearing Shamarr play.

I also quilt, and am
non-traditional in the sense
that all work is done by hand (much older tradition)
and rarely geometric
...I do street scenes of New Orleans.

I'm on

I'm well aware a photgraph
cannot begin to the convey
the art itself. I hope to see your quilt in person
some time. Is it on display anywhere?

Your designs are unique,
and I truly appreciate
your art.

Voodoo Rue said...

That is an amazing piece of artwork...truly beautiful! And thank you so much for including my poem!

Susan Kraut said...

Rhonda -

I wanted to thank you again for doing this...I know Shamarr appreciated it, as well. So, who ended up with it?

Hope you are well,