Monday, July 30, 2007

This and that

Random thoughts about nothing in particular. The GSQA meeting was Saturday and it went so smoothly we couldn't believe it. It sure beat driving to Baton Rouge or Houma too. Less than 1o minutes from my house so I didn't have to set out at the crack of dawn to get there. I worked on the "Gye Nyame" African piece and got some good feedback on it. That's one that's definitely going into the Jackson Quilters show Sept 15-16 at the new MS Crafts Center, which is an incredibly beautiful building, in a gorgeous setting. I have 2 others submitted also, none of which are actually finished, mind you, but far enough along to get pictures for identification to submit with the forms. Judy Spiers did a great talk on her miniatures. I can't even begin to describe the effect of her quilts up close. An 18" quilt might have 6,000 or more pieces in it. A little block less than an inch wide had 16 pieces in it alone. Words fail me (alert the media) at her work. It was a real treat to sit with Linda and Caren on either side of me even though Linda warned my ribs might be bruised by her elbows throughout the meeting. She wasn't kidding either, since we managed to chuckle (quietly, of course) and nudge our way through it. It's funny how much I have grown to like this group of women, who are all smart, talented, funny and generous, since re-joining the local guilds. There are a few women who have individually paved the way for that, starting with Jackie, who contacted me to do a talk for the guild a year or so ago. I think that sort of led to my acceptance by the group a bit more than it had been. Linda, with her instant and total support, Dorinda and her HUGE circle of friends, the women who have bought and examined my work (and decided maybe they are real quilts after all) and all of the women who have opened their minds and accepted my work. I am also seeing a MUCH larger contingent of members adding embellishments and 'stuff' to their quilts. All in all, I'm pleased and proud to be a member of their groups.

A funny story from my sister. My niece apparently borrowed a pair of boots from my sis to wear, and then had trouble getting them off. They struggled with one and finally got it removed. The other one was just NOT coming off. She finally went to bed with one boot on, and didn't get it off until the next morning. Talk about a great mental image. All I could think of was the nursery rhyme about "one shoe off and one shoe on" and visualizing her in a frilly nightie with a single cowboy boot on.

Local elections are next Tuesday, and I'll be standing around at the polls. I figure that will give me bitching rights for the next term when some complete moron gets elected (and probably indicted) and does something incredibly stupid. I can at least say I did my best to not put them in office. The mayoral election can't get here soon enough, although at the rate our current nut-in-charge is going, tomorrow might not be soon enough. Our only hope is that he keeps doing insane things and ultimately at least one of the felony charges against him sticks so we can get him out of office.

Off to training this morning to be a scribe for the judging at the JQ show. It sounds very interesting, and something I've never been involved in and know nothing about. I have great faith in Dorinda (oh, to be so organized!) making the process as easy and clear as possible for us neophytes.

Rust dying (you knew I'd get around to that eventually) is going well. I'm in the process of playing with different fabrics, as opposed to turning out yardage right now. I did some bleached burlap and khaki colored linen yesterday and I LOVE both pieces. I have a silk chiffon scarf and a piece of raw silk out there right now and can't wait to see the results. I'm also trying to come up with a way to set up rust dying and gelatin plate printing and maybe some other surface design techniques as a workshop. Fortunately, most of my stuff only requires space and not an actual studio. I'm considering limiting it to maybe 5 people at the time on someone's driveway. That would be do-able for a one day class. Any ideas or suggestions? Any special requests for surface design techniques? Any takers on the workshop? I guess my next thoughts should probably be in the direction of letting people know the classes are available. Hmmmm, wonder if they'd let me post notices on the MQA board? Anyway, feel free to leave comments about this idea, or any others you have.

It must be 6:45. The neighbor's car alarm just went off. At least the puppy across the street hasn't set to howling like it's being shot yet.

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Rissa said...

I am guessing MQA would love for you to do a class. I think doing it in a driveway would be interesting, holler if you want to test anything on me. LOL